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Conference Overview

How will our planet provide food, energy, and water for a growing population and as our climate changes? Can we develop more sustainable systems for producing and distributing food; drive towards lower carbon and GHG intensity in our economies; and effectively manage our increasingly scarce fresh water supplies and fragile ecosystems? How can efficiency and innovation help reduce our impact—while increasing our well-being? Can we scale up promising technologies and conservation practices to unlock unprecedented business and environmental opportunities?

As scientists, business executives, policy makers and practitioners grapple with these questions at the nexus between Food-Energy-Water, Yale is in a position to lead.  The premiere Yale Environmental Sustainability Summit (YESS) will engage University alumni, faculty, staff and students – as well as outside experts, practitioners and scholars – to tackle these topics in the first annual conference of its kind at Yale.  This highly interactive event is designed to build a thriving multi-disciplinary network of Yale leaders in sustainability, enhancing our collaboration and our impact.

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